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Small businesses can utilize new video tools on Facebook

Facebook, one of the largest social networks, already has over 50 million business pages on the site. And while it might not be as exciting to attract a new small business page as it is to have a celebrity create a new page, small and medium businesses still play a role in the company’s success. The company created a new video tool that allows company’s to create and publish small introductory videos to acquaint people with their organization. The tool is called “Your Business Story.” In essence, it creates a slide show of photos and music. Companies can also add text information to describe what their business does. Video as an internet media platform is always on the rise. Facebook is responding to the demand by giving businesses additional opportunities to leverage this type of media. It will drive users to the site to consume the videos. Facebook is on the hunt to compete with Google-owned YouTube. YouTube already has a similar video compilation feature that allows users to cre ...

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Small business owners offer tips to the trade

For those who are small business owners, you know that there are many nuances to running the business that you might not have considered before you launched your operation. For those who are thinking about becoming a small business owner, there are many ideas on your mind, but what’s the most important to consider to make your initiative successful? These tips from successful small business owners can provide some perspective on the important details and aspects to owning and running a small business: Talented and driven employees are the life-blood of small businesses. Ensure your organization has driven, trustworthy and talented employees and give them the best chance to do whatever it is they love to do. With your trust, they will develop leadership skills that will in turn help your business thrive. Seek a mentor who you can learn from. The right mentor will offer suggestions of what you might be able to do, but never tell you what you need to do. They will ask the right questions to le ...

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How a Business Line of Credit Can Benefit Your Business

A business line of credit can make a huge difference when it comes to running your own small business. When you have urgent needs within your company due to emergency orders, unforeseen circumstances, or the need to expand your business, a line of credit can help maintain your cash flow and enable you to cope with urgent situations. A small business loan, for instance, allows business owners access to a maximum amount that can be borrowed against, with relatively low interest rates (these vary by lender type: lower rates from traditional lenders, higher from newer lenders like online marketplaces). There are also business credit cards, which typically involve a personal guarantee, placing your own credit at risk. They also come with higher interest rates than other forms of debt. These options differ in other ways. For instance, a small business loan will issue its funds in one lump sum, while a credit card can be borrowed against multiples times. Of course both types of credit require monthly payments, ...

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SEO for Small Business: A Sound Investment

These days, if you own a small business it can be easy to dismiss the newest technological developments as "for the bigger guys." But in the same way that technology has improved access to information for more and more people, it has also increased the reach of even small businesses, raising the stakes of their technological investment. It's unthinkable now that a business of any size not have a website; soon it may be equally unbelievable to be absent on social media. And if you're going to be online, it only makes sense to place your business front and center in most people's search engine results through Search Engine Optimization or SEO. But if you're not already convinced, here are a few reasons to consider SEO for your small business. First and foremost, SEO makes sense as a way to stay ahead of your competition. Don't believe it? Do a quick google search for the type of business you're in, your most popular services or products. Who comes up first? Where is your business in comparison: on the first pa ...

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Why Offer Wifi in Your Business

Since these days most consumers walk around with a smartphone in their pockets, it only makes sense to offer these customers access to the internet within your business. The easiest way to do this is to set up a wifi connection in your location. It may not seem like a good idea for your particular venue or clientele, but you may be surprised how many customers will make use of and appreciate the ability to access the internet while visiting your business. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a wifi connection for your business. It's affordable: offering wifi may have been an expensive proposition in the early days of the technology involved, but these days it's anything but. The actual equipment needed is less expensive than it used to be. Many service providers offer leasing options for routers and other equipment if you don't want to own these items outright. You have control: you can ensure that your customers are connecting to your wifi for approved uses only, by using encryption and password ...

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