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Fax Cover Page Form

Fax Cover Page Form Fax Cover Page Form Tips Fax Cover Page Form Example   Even though e-mail and other forms of communication have become more popular over the past several years, many companies still send faxes. In fact, they are especially helpful when one needs to send a signed document. They are also helpful when a digital file can’t be scanned of a hard copy document or when people do not have access to a computer. After you create a fax cover page form template, you can tailor it and use as needed:   Make a standard 8-1/2 by 11 inch word processing document. It should include your company name, address, phone number, website, e-mail address and logo at the top, followed by several horizontal lines with to and from contact information (including phone numbers, fax numbers, contact name, total number of pages included, reference numbers, etc.) See below for fax cover page form template. Be sure to add a CC line if any other people need to be copied on the fax. ...

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President's Day Observance - February 21, 2011


All banks and U S Post Offices will be closed Monday, February 21 in observance of Presidents’ Day.
If you use our Direct Deposit service, you may need to change your payroll appointment if any of the following apply:

You normally would report your payroll on:

  • February 17, with a February 21, check date
  • February 18, with a February 22, check date
  • February 21, with a February 23, check date




 If you have any questions, please contact your Payroll Specialist or Account Manager at your earliest convenience.


Reminder:   The earliest day funds can be available to your employees is the second business day after your payroll appointment due to the federal banking regulations.

Advance Preparation is Key when Dealing with Bad Weather and Employees

  Advance Preparation is Key when Dealing with Bad Weather and Employees   Treacherous winter weather has companies dealing with many employee issues. From snowstorms, to torrential downpours, to hurricanes, bad weather is going to happen no matter what. With recent heavy snows, businesses are facing many challenges with employees. For instance, even when businesses are open, workers might live in areas that have received heavy snow and they can’t get to work. In addition, some employees may need to stay home with kids who are home due to school closures.   Here are some things to keep in mind when preparing for and dealing with weather emergencies:   Have a phone tree and send e-mails if you are going to close your company due to bad weather. Employees may need to be reminded that getting to work is their responsibility and planning in advance can be extremely helpful. Consider adding an “inclement weather policy” to your employee handbook outlinin ...

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Free Business Proposal Letter Sample

Free Business Proposal Letter Sample Free Business Proposal Letter Sample Proposal Letter Tips and Tricks Business Proposal Letter Example   If you're looking for a free business proposal letter sample—look no further! Here are some tips and trips and example of a free business proposal letter you can tailor to fit your specific needs. Business proposal letters are written as a cover letter to accompany an actual business proposal. Such letters serve as an introduction to the actual proposal. Business proposal letters should be strongly written since this is an indicator of the overall quality of your pitch.   Tips and Tricks: Do your research Outline what you can do for this company Outline what sets you apart from other companies Follow up with a phone call   YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION (ADDRESS/PHONE NUMBER/E-MAIL ADDRESS)   RECIPIENT'S CONTACT INFORMATION (ADDRESS/PHONE NUMBER/E-MAIL ADDRESS)   DATE   Dear Mr. or Mrs. ______ ...

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Looking to Form an LLC in Florida for Free?

Looking to Form an LLC in Florida? Free Advice Will Help Lead the Way Basic Steps for Forming an LLC Tips for Choosing an LLC Name Articles of Organization LLC Operating Agreement   Looking to form a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Florida for free? There are always some fees involved, but with good advice, you can save time and money in the process! Forming an LLC in Florida is probably easier than you think.   You can access Florida LLC forms for free at on the Florida Department of State’s Division of Corporations website. Forms will help make the process as easy as possible. You can print out the Florida LLC forms and mail them in or fill them out online and then print them out.   Here are basic some tips to help guide you through the sometimes daunting process of forming an LLC: Research and choose a business name that complies with LLC rules. Be sure to search to make sure the business name is available. File formal paperwor ...

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