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Vision Insurers take a New Interest in Employee Wellness

  Vision providers are encouraging employers not to cut costs in the eye department. They say eye exams help detect high blood pressure and other medical conditions that could go undiagnosed without them.    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is expected to improve preventive care. Experts say this will most likely increase access to vision specialists. However, during this time of a tight economy, all benefits are subject to cutbacks—even in the area of eye care.   According to a survey by the vision Council (a trade group for optical manufacturers and suppliers based in Alexandria, Virginia), over the past two years, more than 7 million Americans have lost their vision insurance. In 2010, 110 million U.S. adults reported having coverage compared with 118 million in 2008. The survey also indicated increased price sensitivity in this area among employers.   Vision experts say vision is normally one of the last areas companies look to cut back when it comes to health ...

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Social Media and your Company, liabilities to watch

  If you have not yet entered the wonderful world of social media, chances are your company is either currently seriously considering it or making plans for it. Or maybe you have already decided to not allow your employees to have any part in social media networking sites at all during work hours.   From the human resources perspective, the more you know in this area, the better off you are. Every company should have a strategic approach to social media. Here are some items HR departments should determine:   First of all, ask yourself why? Before making social media decisions, you should first assess the purpose. Is there a business opportunity involved with your decision? If so, then moving forward with social media is definitely a good idea. If not, it might be a waste of everyone’s time. When it comes to social media, portability refers to what happens with social media (and the intellectual capital it includes) should an employee leave your company. Here are some questions t ...

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Take Steps Now to Reduce your Workers’ Comp Costs

  Workers’ comp claims can become an expensive aspect of any business. The good news is there are things you can do now to help your cause in this area. The following are tips and tricks every company should keep in mind when it comes to workers’ comp. Safe work facilities are the number way for you to lower your workers’ comp costs. This can reduce or even eliminate injury claims made by workers. Your company should be sure to implement the safest work conditions possible. You can help your cause by regularly assessing your safety policies. Employees should also be trained regularly on equipment safety. They should also have every piece of safety gear possible to help ensure they stay safe on the job. This includes everything from goggles and helmets to ergonomically correct chairs and phone equipment. Safety for your employees should always be your top priority—no matter what kind of business you have. Be sure your employees have correct job classifications. States set basic rates for ...

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The Basics of Florida Workers’ Comp Workplace Injuries

  In Florida, the Workers’ Compensation Division of the Florida Department of Financial Services manages compensation for injuries or illnesses suffered by workers on the job. Injured workers are eligible for compensation they would have received if they were able to work. Here are some basics when it comes to workers’ comp claims. On the job injuries should be reported within 30 days. This is required by state law. After that time, companies have seven days to report the injury to their insurer. Following a report, an adjuster from the insurance company might call the injured employee to explain obligations and rights to keep in mind throughout the process. Workers who are injured can get up to 104 weeks of temporary partial or temporary total disability payments. Here are some more details: Temporary partial disability is payments for workers who can return to work, but can’t earn the same wages they could prior to the injury. These benefits equal 80 percent of the differenc ...

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How Can You Find Money in Workers’ Comp Loss Run Reports?

  When it comes to workers’ compensation, insurance providers prepare loss run reports for employers. They show the costs that are associated with reported claims over a certain time period. While companies are always happy to see lower premiums—they sometimes miss large monetary amounts that are right in front of them in their loss run reports. By paying close attention to these reports, companies can equip themselves with knowledge that just might save money in the workers’ comp department. In the event one of the fields in the report shows a trend being reported, corrections to it could save you money. Take a look at the following helpful tips. Injuries to newly hired employees – If you find workers are getting injured during the first three months of employment, this could mean you might need to assess your training practices. For instance, if injuries involve machinery, this might mean there is a need for additional training or the wrong technique is being used.  ...

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