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Payroll tax deductions – mistakes to avoid.

Don’t pay less than minimum wage Don’t make so many deductions that the final paycheck amount is so low that it makes the ex-employee earn less than minimum wage for the timeframe. Complicating the matter is that the calculation is based on applying the deductions to only the first forty hours of work in a week. You generally can’t include overtime hours in the calculation. Don’t delay the payment It’s usually okay for an employer to sue your company if their last paycheck is delayed for longer than 30 days. In most states, it is recommended that the last paycheck be distributed according to the normal paycheck cycle. Don’t ignore state-level laws Many times, state laws can affect your decisions about what is included in the last paycheck. As a business owner, ask your HR and payroll people if they know how to handle situations like: Should we hold onto the last paycheck until the employee returns their company phone? Can we make the employee sig ...

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Diversity in the workplace – Training Ideas

Diversity in the Workplace is a current, and growing, topic of conversation for HR departments. Providing training for staff has many potential benefits for your company: Increasing productivity by lowering intra-staff tensions. Potentially increasing the company’s creative ability to solve issues through the increasing variety of employees and their varying backgrounds. Providing documentation of diversity training to help prevent potential discrimination claims. No matter what kinds of training you bring in-house, the follow-up is very important. Trainees of any kind of training typically forget over 80% of the lessons within 30 days. Here are a couple tips for what the follow-up should look like after the training to add diversity in the workplace: Leadership must help to illustrate how important diversity is to the company. When subordinates return from training, leadership should make it a point to ask them about the training and how it could apply to their daily routines. ...

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Cell Phones and Privacy Matters

Back in 2008, Verizon New England, Inc. (VNE) started requiring its field technicians to carry company-provided cell phones while they were working. The phones contained global positioning systems (GPS). Before this time, VNE provided its technicians with pagers for communication. VNE employees work in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The company said it issued cell phones and GPS’s to send driving directions. Employees were also required to keep track of their work hours on the phones, which were connected to their payroll system. As members of an International Brotherhood of Electric Workers (IBEW), the installers filed a charge with the National Labor Relations Board. The unionized installers claimed an invasion of privacy. The board sent the charge to arbitration, so the installers took the company to court. A federal district court judge ruled that their suit against VNE was preempted by the Labor Relations Act. This meant since the issue was involved with the collective bargaining agreement betw ...

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Here’s a short new-hire training checklist.

Your new-hire training is a great opportunity to help save time and confusion down the road. It’s a chance to systematically layout all most of the aspects of being an employee at your company. The new hire training is the first important step to retaining your employees and all the experience and skills they will acquire during their time with you. As the marketplace improves, the rates of employee retentions are projected to trend downward. Most new hire training programs will include: Opening remarks from a company leader – This helps to establish that the newly hired employees are seen as a valuable part of the company. Personal introductions by all meeting attendees, to help with making friends at the company. Having friends at the company is one of the most powerful aspects to retention. Pay Policies and Procedures Benefits Overview with lists of resources for more information. Safety Briefing. Instructions on what to do in safety emergencies, like exit ...

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Workers Compensation expenses don’t necessarily rise with aging employees

According to recent research by NCCI Holdings Inc, a research agency, the compensation loss costs associated with younger, versus older, workers are similar. This flies in the face of the assumption sometimes made, that older workers cause more loss expenses. NCCI states that compensation loss costs across age groups 35 to 64 are similar. In addition, the frequency of claims has declined as workplaces have become safer. Other parts of the research state that the claim severity wasn’t statistically different between the ages 35-64. Though, this range compared to the 20-34 age band, experiences a higher rate of severity claims due to more frequent injuries like torn cartilage in knees, lumbar displacement and sprained rotator cuffs. A higher rate of indemnity costs is associated with the 35-64 range, but that is less due to the severity of injuries, than the higher compensation rates normally associated with the older workforce. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to make the best de ...

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