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Pre-Existing Conditions Insurance Plans receive one-month extension

Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plans, the program established on behalf of Americans who have illnesses and were previously denied insurance coverage, will live for one more month through the end of April. The announcement came from the Obama administration in Mid-March. To qualify for Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plans, one must be an American citizen or a person who legally resides in the U.S. and must have been without health insurance benefits for at least the last six months. The rates and premiums for the PCIPs depend upon the age of the patient as well as the state in which they reside. The plans provide various benefits for those enrolled including speciality care, hospitalizations and prescription drugs, among other things. One of the provisions of the new legislation under major scrutiny, the Affordable Care Act, requires that all patients who are seeking medical coverage receive it. In other words, insurance companies can no longer discriminate against patients with pre-existing condi ...

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New York professionals finding trouble with recent healthcare legislation

Many New Yorkers have been very vocal over the last six years with their support of both President Obama and his health care overall from its infancy to now. Some of these supporters, however, are finding that the health care legislation is having an adverse affect on their coverage. Those who are among the artistic and professional community, to mention a few, are finding troubles with their coverage. Many of these individuals from lawyers to opera singers, music teachers to writers and doctors are now wondering what’s next. Many of these individuals have utilized group plans established through professional associations or local chamber of commerces in the past. They’re now realizing that as a result of the health care legislation, they will be forced to shop for individual plans and will likely face higher co-payments, deductible costs and premiums as well. These individuals are now facing what millions of other Americans have already been forced to deal with. As a result of uproar sur ...

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How the Affordable Care Act has impacted wellness among employees

The multiple provisions and additions to the Affordable Care Act legislation have significant impact upon the way businesses look at and act upon wellness efforts in the workplace. Specific changes, including the guidelines surrounding privacy and equality that no longer apply just to private insurers and also affect anyone who sponsors health care promotion and prevention programs, haven’t been publicized much and many businesses remain unaware of their obligations. Many have reported that they are unsure as to what they’re expected to change and new things they will have to offer in an effort to remain compliant with different portions of the legislation. Some businesses already have sophisticated programs to help their employees with troubles including smoking and obesity. These programs will come under scrutiny and will face new hardships. Those who have already begun changing their programs and policies to be compliant are finding that it’s very difficult to implement. The strugg ...

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Trying to keep staff healthy through a mandatory vaccine policy?

Some industries place a higher importance on protecting their customers and employees from sicknesses. In these industries, like healthcare and food service, keeping encouraging employees to stay healthy can not only benefit the employees, but also protect customers. In the case of hospitals, flu vaccines can help to limit the risk of employees spreading the infectious flu to patients that may have a weakened immune system due to their personal health situation. With food service companies like restaurants and catering, having a sick employee may mean sick customers. It may also be perceived as bad customer service to see a sick employee handling food that is then given to customers. In many cases, companies think through whether they want to implement a mandatory flu vaccine policy. Some companies don’t go as far by merely making recommendations to employees for vaccines, making them easy to get at work, or simply ignoring the issue by leaving the choice solely up to the employee. Any company sta ...

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Employees take the reins with health care decisions according to new study.

Business owners have been worried that the healthcare reform efforts have made the healthcare market very confusing for employees. One recent study made an attempt to link participation in a Healthcare Savings Account to taking a pro-active approach to health care coverage in general. Buck Consultants ran the study by polling over 20,000 members of the HSA system run by BenefitWallet. The study found that more than half of the people enrolled in the program take the steps necessary to set aside a higher level of money for medical costs than the amount they would set aside previous to utilizing a HSA. In addition, just shy of 30% said they are having “more clear” conversation with their health care suppliers, like doctors, about the actual cost of their care. In addition, 13% said they were trying to more actively manage chronic diseases. Participation in HSA programs primarily comes from employees that receive their health care insurance through their company. About 90% of HSA enrollees get ...

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