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Employers might face large penalties for ACA violations

Employers with compliance issues when it comes to the Affordable Care Act might be facing more than a slap on the wrist in terms of penalties for violations. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued threats to some employers that they could face fines of over $36,000 per employee for various violations. Some employers have expressed concerns over lesser penalties that the IRS has cautioned about. These fines are $2,000 and $3,000. The large figure that is has emerged trumps the earlier figures, and has created concerns. Employers who should be warned about these severe penalties are those who still have “non-integrated employer payment plans.” These are redefined, and they include reimbursement plans. Specifically, various health reimbursements plans. These types of plans should have been done away with by the first of the year. If employers didn’t do away with them, they should have changed the plans to be mixed with group health coverage. Employers weren’t given much not ...

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Ensuring your organization is retaining employees from the start

Retention in the workplace becomes more important for organizations as the economy continues to get stronger and grow once again. Your most talented employees might be seeking other opportunities, some of which might be with your competitors. Organizations need to impress upon their managers and supervisors that employee retention starts with them. They need to work on it because ultimately, it will benefit them and the work they need to accomplish. Losing good people is one of the most detrimental things that can happen within a department. The most successful managers treat their employees as if they’re customers and keep in mind that their subordinates are scrutinizing everything they do. If managers take the time to understand what their employees care about and ensure that they know how vital their contributions are, they can ensure that they’re doing everything they can to retain talent. Another factor that determines the long-term success of employees is their training and onboardin ...

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Tips to encourage wellness and healthy habits among manual laborers

Keeping manual laborers in your company on track when it comes to wellness initiatives isn’t always easy. They often don’t have much interaction with technology and work in remote locations, which can create problems when employers are trying to create new programs for employees. Creativity and innovation is key when it comes to connecting with these employees on various programs your company is trying to engage them in. Bring the information to them and keep it simple: Information that they can carry around in their pocket is the easiest and most effective way to communicate with employees who engage in manual labor. Because they often don’t have access to technology in the workplace, giving them tangible information that they can keep on them will have more of an impact on these employees. Show up and engage them: Make a trip to the factory, warehouse or plant where they’re working. Interacting with them face-to-face will help encourage them. Additionally, it shows your ...

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Tips for making wellness more of a priority in your office

Making wellness a priority in your place of work not only has benefits for the employee, but also can create more cost-effective health care benefits for employers. It also has a positive impact on the clients who interact with company employees. Employees who are energized, enthusiastic and feelings good have been proven to be more productive and generate better performance. There are many models today to create wellness programs in the workplace, but these tips offer a starting point for organizations that are looking into various choices. Hold meetings on the go: Walking meetings will get your employees moving. Americans spend more than nine hours per day sitting. These large periods of time without activity have serious health implications for many. Walking meetings will be best facilitated among small groups when the presenter doesn’t require a presentation or PowerPoint to communicate the message effectively.  Cut your employees a break to surf the Web: Research indicates that ...

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Affordable Care Act more widely accepted among Americans

The President’s health care legislation is gaining more support among Americans, many of whom have remained weary of the law since it was announced in 2009. A recent survey shows that 64 percent of Americans are either completely supporting the legislation or supporting it contingent that some small changes are made. On the other hand, 54 percent of Americans stated that they were not pleased with the manner in which the President has addressed health care. Despite these numbers, those who are opposed to the legislation are still vast. This opposition might have a significant impact on Democrats who are seeking election in this year’s mid-term elections. After a very shaky launch of the program, many Americans doubted its ability to fix the issues of health care in the nation. More recently, numbers indicate otherwise. As of March of this year, 4.2 million Americans had utilized plans offered by the health insurance exchanges that were created as a result of the legislation. Congress has fore ...

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