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Health plan renewal delays on the rise

Putting off renewals of health plans appears to be a trend under the Affordable Care Act, particularly among small businesses. The number of these delays that is expected to occur through December 1 was up over 300 percent over the course of the past year. Of those that responded this way, 94 percent were small organizations with fewer than 100 employees. Many of these organizations are facing rate increases anywhere from 30 percent all the way up to 160 percent in states that don’t permit renewal of health plans that are considered grandfathered. The recent survey cited also suggests that it’s too soon to see the full affect of the Affordable Care Act because several states permitting the renewal of plans that existed before the health care reform was passed. As a result of this, there’s hardly a noticeable change in the cost or coverage offered. Although many are not surprised, the survey found that employees are incurring more of the cost of their health care than they had prev ...

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Are businesses ready for Affordable Care Act Compliance?

Although some organizations are still trying to make sense of the various ways in which the Affordable Care Act directly impacts their business, most should be aware that there are serious economic implications if the regulations within the legislation are not followed. Penalties for companies that are not in compliance could reach millions of dollars. It seems companies are still not complete in tune with the implications for their organization and are facing challenges when it comes to meeting requirements imposed upon them. Deadlines are approaching and it’s certainly not too early for companies to ensure they are as prepared as possible. There are three main taxes companies might be faced with as a result of the legislation’s regulations: the catastrophic penalty, the lesser penalty and a 40 percent excise tax imposed upon “Cadillac” health plans. The monies associated with these fines can get high and the larger the organization, the more vulnerable they are. The Excis ...

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Government makes changes on guidance for bring-your-own device

The government has made changes to its policies surrounding “bring your own device” for employers after a significant increase in the use of tablets, cell phones and other mobile devices for business use. These technologies have given way to more options than ever for employees that are eager to have flexible schedules and working arrangements. The new guidance applies to any device that is personally owned and is being used for business endeavors. The purpose of the guidance is to ensure that organizations are protected and secure as employees pursue business transactions alongside personal endeavors on their devices. Specific parts of the guidance include: ensuring devices are only capable of accessing work-related data that the organization has agreed to share with employees and staff, narrowing the amount of information sharing between devices, looking into various technical controls for devices and having a plan for various security incidents that might arise. The government’s r ...

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Observance of President's Day

All banks and U.S. Post Offices will be closed Monday, February 16, 2015, in observance of President’s Day.      

As a result, no payrolls will be delivered via the US Postal Service on this date.  You may request a change in your processing schedule by contacting your Payroll Specialist.  All processing schedule changes are subject to final approval by MBA’s Finance/Credit Department.

 Reminder:   The earliest day funds can be available to your employees through Direct Deposit is the second business day after your payroll  has been finalized due to the federal banking regulations.

 If you have any questions, please contact your Payroll Specialist or Account Manager at your earliest convenience. 

Why having a benefits enrollment advocate matters

Although benefit enrollment for employees seems like a simple task that many employers can take on and complete them without help, there are many intricacies that most don’t expect or have the knowledge to deal with. Benefits advocates could be just what the organization needs to help navigate the nuances of various benefit options and enrollment for employees. As more and more organizations move to an online enrollment process, employees are getting less face to face time with an individual who might be able to answer questions regarding their options for benefits, specifically health care. Within every organization, there are three main groups of employees who might utilize the help of a benefit advocacy system. The first is the “Empowered Employee.” This individual is computer savvy and has no qualms about using the online system to complete their enrollment. They might utilize a benefits advocacy when they cannot remember their login password or for broad questions regarding indi ...

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