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Tips to Creating a Winning Stress Reduction Program

Each workplace is different and present different stressors in the environment. Health and wellness experts agree that there is no one strategy to craft and implement stress reduction programming, but that such programming can help employees in the workplace. The National Institute for Occupations Safety and Health suggests that there are various factors that determine the best practices for designing a program that works for different organizations. Some of these include the size of the company, the industry in which they work and operate, the types of stress at work in the organization and the resources that are available to that specific organization. The three-steps provide a good practice in creating a program that will be successful. They are: understanding the problem, looking at solutions and implementation of a strategy that will most benefit those in your work environment. Understanding the Problem: The strategies that companies can use to get a handle on what types of stress affec ...

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SEC Sets Rules for Disclosure of Pay Ratios

The SEC released information about the final version of its rule regarding pay ratio disclosure per Item 402 of Regulation S-K as part of the implementation of Section 953(b) of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. The disclosure requirements will apply to pay issued on or after January 1st, 2017 by all companies excepting multijurisdictional disclosure system filers, foreign private issuers, emerging growth companies, and small reporting companies. There were revisions made to the initial rule. Employers may select a period of every three years rather than every calendar year for identifying their specific median employee. Except, of course, in cases where changes in the employee population and compensation would result in a significant change in the pay ratio being disclosed. The initial rule also considered anyone an employee who was employed on the last day of the last completed fiscal year. But the final version widened that timeframe to include any date within the last three ...

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Four mistakes your managers and supervisors are making

Managers and supervisors are by no means perfect despite efforts they make to be the best they can be at their jobs. More often than not, they are guilty of making critical mistakes that could jeopardize the success of the business in the long run. Managers must know and enforce the policies: Managers and supervisors are the first ones who are responsible for enforcing company policies and rules among employees. If they aren’t aware of all of the policies and rules as well as the proper ways to enforce them, they cannot address issues as they arise. Even though they might have good intentions, they could leave the company vulnerable for litigation if they aren’t careful.  Don’t make wage/hour/scheduling mistakes: Things like overtime, wages for hours worked and misclassifications cannot be taken lightly among managers and supervisors. Overtime must be tracked and appropriate paid for, including extra monies for an hour over 40 per week. Additionally, employers must pay em ...

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‘Stand up at work’ concept might make employees healthier

Some companies might opt to bring in yoga instructors for lunchtime classes. Others might stock vending machines with healthier snacks. But there’s a concept many companies are overlooking – give employees the option to stand up at work with a standing desk. A study recently released by the American Journal of Preventative Medicine demonstrated that workers that were given the option to have a “sit-stand” desk spent about 60 more minutes per day standing than they did sitting at their desk. In turn, these employees burned nearly 100 more calories than those who sat at their desks the entire day. The researchers say that their findings are important because they prove that taking measures to make office employees less sedentary could have lasting health benefits. The study took nearly 70 office employees and gave just over 30 of them sit-stand desk. The rest utilized regular sitting desks. This most recent study differed from those done previously because those who were provided ...

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Best practices for encouraging millennials to utilize voluntary benefits

As many in the work force are beginning to understand, having millennials in the workplace brings a new perspective and a fresh set of ideas. In the same breath, this demographic connects to its employer in completely different ways than employees from other generations might have. Organizations all over the country are trying to find the most effective way to communicate with and engage this generation of employees. HR professionals and benefit advisors have a special opportunity to guide this generation to various choices that might best suit their needs and wants. Voluntary benefits and unique employee perks place an employer ahead of its competitors. A recent survey indicates that half of the workforce stated that their benefits package is incentive enough to stay with their current employer. Among millennials, nearly 90 percent responded that they place a high value on having benefit options that suit their individual needs and wants. As a generation, however, millennials are least likely to ...

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