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Four tips to help employees stay focused and on task

Managers and employees alike understand that the workplace can offer endless distractions that can keep from accomplishing a to-do list. Sometimes it’s other projects that arise, and in other cases it’s social distractions. In either case, employees are constantly faced with other things begging for their attention in the workplace. These five tips can help both managers and their subordinates ensure that their workplace is as productive as possible. Understand your priorities: Ensure that the things that the items and projects that are the most imperative are completed first in the day. Generally, this is when people can count on their minds being the sharpest. If the to-do list is lengthy, focus on just a few goals to get done as efficiently as possible.  Make sure it’s all on paper: Write a bulleted or numbered list that helps prioritize what needs to get done and at what point it needs to be completed by if possible. Having the items at hand written out as well as a ti ...

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Employees Need to Factor Health Costs into Retirement Savings or Face Surprises

The estimated upper limit of spending on medical expenses for retirees has risen yet again to an estimated two hundred forty five thousand dollars according to Fidelity. The increase takes into account rising life expectancy figures and expected increases for medical services and prescription medications. It does not consider long-term care costs or the cost of retirement housing. When polled, most couples say that a goal of their retirement savings is being able to cover unexpected medical expenses, but the number who actually take those projected expenses into account in their retirement savings plan is almost the inverse of those who state that goal: about seventy five percent stated that this was a goal, but only twenty two percent follow that claim up with concrete savings plans. What's more, almost have of couples surveyed disagreed about how much they would need to save in order to meet these expenses. The net effect of all this is that employees are worrying more and more about the adequacy of ...

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Social Media tips that will help you figure out Millennials

Human resource professionals and company leaders alike have taken notice to the many habits of Millenials that differ from other generations in the workforce. This generation is often addicted to technology and all that it offers, and in turn, brings that influence into the workforce with them. Many companies have struggled with the constant conversions upon us all in the digital age. If HR and leaders can take the time to understand what Millenials have to offer in terms of technology and social media management, they might be surprised to see what a positive impact this can have on the business. Research projects that by 2020, Millenials will make up nearly half of the workforce. Adversely, another recent survey found that 68 percent of those in management positions throughout the workforce find this new generation of employees difficult to manage within their organizational structure. Social media provides information for employers to consider when it comes to understanding millenials. Here they ca ...

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A fine line: when independent contractors are seemingly employees

Companies often hire independent contractors as a means to get the workforce they need without the tax burden of a full-time employee. Additionally, independent contractors don’t count toward a total “employee count,” an implication many organizations are focused on as a result of the Affordable Care Act. Look at this scenario: An individual begins working as an independent contractor. They find themselves with all the responsibilities and workload of an employee without the title. Such responsibilities include working long hours and working under the supervision of managers and company directors, among others. This individual does not receive employer-sponsored benefits and is responsible for paying self-employment taxes. Additionally, the individual does not qualify for state unemployment relief if he does not receive a renewal on his contract. Given the details in this scenario, this arrangement would not meet the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) qualifications to determine ...

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What impact could an open-door policy have on your business?

Open-door policies within organizations enable employees to communicate and express their feelings or interests to management. It gives employees the chance to file complaints, address issues with other employees and cover other general concerns that might arise in the course of their work. These policies can affect different businesses differently. Most open-door policies allow for many different types of conversations to arise. These include: suggestions, concerns about management or other employees, questions, complaints, or overall feedback. Generally, the policy is meant to offer employees an avenue to communicate whatever they feel they need to in an environment that is safe. Companies with these types of policies have the opportunity to send a unique message to their employees – that they are open to running their business transparently. For employers that are looking to create an open-door policy, there are certain elements that should be included. The company should explain why they are s ...

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