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Top Five Employee Retention Strategies That Won't Break the Bank

As the unemployment rate continues to decline, employers must develop employee retention strategies that keep their employees invested in the company over the long-term. A company’s ability to be competitive in the job market isn’t only about high salaries and bonuses. Below are the top five ways to minimize attrition without adding to your bottom line.  1. Clear Metrics and Pay System A common theme in both good management and employee retention strategies is communication. At the onset of a new job, employees should have a clear understanding of their job duties and how their performance will be evaluated. Performance metrics establish a transparent, objective way of measuring employee performance. These metrics can also be used for an employee rewards system and developing individual and team goals. They also provide employees with a sense of purpose as they seek to meet and exceed their employer’s expectations. Provide your employees with well-defined goals, and regular ...

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3 Tips for Asking Legal Interview Questions

Anyone who has conducted an interview has at one point had this thought run through her head: “Can I ask that?” Employment anti-discrimination laws apply to every aspect of employment, from the job advertisement to termination. Knowing what you can legally ask in an interview will protect you from a discrimination claim down the road.

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How to Explain PEOs to Your Employees

When an employer enters into a contractual relationship with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) the employer is outsourcing a variety of its back-office and human resources functions. For the employer, many of its day-to-day activities will change, but less so for its employees. Explaining what will change is a valuable step in communicating your employer-employee relationship.

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